You're Booked! Now What?

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I'm so EXCITED to announce my next project "You're Booked! Now What?"  My good friend Corina and I have created an amazing online program for professional and semi-professional dancers. It’s called “You’re booked!! Now what?!” 


Being a professional bellydancer means so much more than being a good dancer. We are our own bosses and being a professional also means being a good communicator, negotiator, organizer and planner but for many of us artists out there, this isn’t exactly our strong suit. 


But don’t worry, with several years of experience working and mastering the art of the gig,  we share with you everything we’ve learned along the way to help you ace your next gig! 



We discuss in detail all our tips to guarantee a smooth, professional and successful show from the moment you get booked to the moment you leave the party. 


Everything from how to make contracts – gig bag essentials – selecting appropriate music for different types of events - communicating with clients,  negotiating, costuming, how to avoid gigging disasters and much, much more! 


Our online professional program includes 2 hours of invaluable information you can’t find anywhere else. 


We also include 2 FREE downloadable belly dance contract templates for you to use. All this for just $24.99!!! Order your copy today!! 


Venmo or PayPal to for purchase!!

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We'll send you a download link within 24 hours of purchase


The Fez Documentary

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Working alongside film maker Roxxanne Shelby, Adrianne served as associate producer on the acclaimed film The Fez Documentary , preserving the stories of the multicultural dancers and musicians working at  Hollywood’s famed  night club The Fez from the 1950’s- 1970’s.  The film has won several awards (Best Feature Film at the Salamanca Moves Film Festival in Tasmania, and won for best Foreign Feature Documentary at the Lebanese Independent Film Festival)