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Dance artist Adrianne is a beloved performer from Los Angeles, California. Her passion for the art of raqs sharqi (Egyptian-style dance) is evident every time she glides across the stage. She delights audiences with her beaming stage presence and lavish costumes.

A lifelong artist and professional performer since 2007, Adrianne is passionate about Egyptian folkloric styles like Saidi (traditional cane dancing). She is a gifted instructor and has taught specialty workshops across the Southwestern United States. Adrianne also won the prestigious award of Belly Dancer of the Year 2018.

Known for producing some of the most acclaimed online dance shows with her dance partner Faizeh (Together they are the Baladi Babes) from 2020-2021 they produced the highest quality shows during the pandemic: Remembering Reda, Visions of Vintage, All the Rage and Fabulous Folklore. These online shows showcased talents in the MENATH arts from all other the world. 


Committed to preserving authenticity in her choreographies, she’s also been instrumental in working to preserve the rich history of belly dancing and Arabic culture on the West Coast. Working alongside film maker Roxxanne Shelby, Adrianne served as associate producer on the acclaimed film The Fez Documentary , preserving the stories of the multicultural dancers and musicians working at  Hollywood’s famed  night club The Fez from the 1950’s- 1970’s.  The film has won several awards (Best Feature Film at the Salamanca Moves Film Festival in Tasmania, and Nominated for best Foreign Feature Documentary at the Lebanese Independent Film Festival)


Contact Adrianne:


“I love expressing myself in the moment with my audience. It’s an art that creates a shared energy, a shared love and a shared memory“


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